Houston area residential security services

Residential Security Guards

When safety concerns arise within Houston apartment complexes, gated communities and other types of residential neighborhoods, it’s the kind of threat that really hits home. Iron Man Protection takes great pride in the 40-plus years of police experience that manages our residential security guards. We demand a superior level of alertness and tact from our team that ensures the kind of safety that property owners, associations and families can rest easy with.

Our apartment security guards provide residential-based services, including:

• Guard stations 
• Grounds patrolling
• 24-hour monitoring/ Scheduled monitoring 
• Entrance authorization
• Access control 
• Parking Enforcement
• Emergency and delivery access 
• Facility monitoring

Iron Man Protection’s residential security guards work to develop a familiarity with residents so that their presence becomes a natural element within the community. Getting to know community members will also help guards to identify unusual activity. And because they work so closely with residents, we require that all new hires complete a rigorous screening process, including an extensive background check to ensure that only the most skilled and trustworthy guards serve the families of your community.

If you aren’t sure which services you need to best protect your community, our expert security consultants will assess your grounds, listen to your concerns and assist in determining a plan-of-action.

Apartment Security Guards

Iron Man Protection understands that, as an apartment owner, you have certain legal responsibilities to uphold. It can be a challenging position, as tenants greatly rely on apartment management for their safety among many other things. Our apartment security guards will work closely with apartment management to map the perfect security plan.

Gated Community Security Guards

Gaining in popularity are those who seek gated communities to call home because of the perception of security that these neighborhoods offer. But sometimes, gates aren’t enough to keep crime out. Specially trained gated community security guards offer residents an added layer of protection.

Town Home Security Guards

Town home communities don’t have the luxury of a privacy gate or property office that manages activity. For this type of property, town home security guards are the most dependable line of defense between tenants and the threat of criminal activity.

Condo Security Guards

Iron Man Protection condo security guards understand that safety is one of the largest concerns for condo associations and residents. We listen closely, identify potential problems and execute a security plan that preserves condo community protection.

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