Texas City Security Guards

Texas City is home to a busy deepwater port on the Gulf Coast and a petroleum refining and petrochemical manufacturing center, which requires superior security to maintain safety for surrounding businesses and residents. Iron Man Protection specializes in a wide range of industry specific security requirements, including refinery and manufacturing facility defense.

From visitor and vehicle access control and guest or client escort service to grounds patrolling, equipment monitoring and stationary security posts, Iron Man Protection provides the very best Texas City security. Residential neighborhoods and surrounding businesses also utilize our security services to defend against criminal activity like break-ins and vandalism.

Our guards are hand selected by way of a challenging interview process that tests cognitive ability and skill-set in addition to background and drug screening. We demand the absolute best and begin with the establishment of a quality team of guards.

Managed by individuals with over 40 years of Law Enforcement and military experience, our comprehensive suite of security services can meet any requirement. If you aren’t sure what type of security you need or would like to better understand how your current security plan is performing, our expert Texas City security consultants will gladly visit your facility or neighborhood to identify areas of limited defense and recommend improvements.

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