West University Security Guards

Residents of West University choose Iron Man Protection for their community security. Our West University security services are driven by over 40 years of Law Enforcement experience with military influence. We offer 24-hour service for residential neighborhoods, businesses, financial institutions, community events and more because it’s more than just our duty to protect, it’s our passion. The West University area can depend on Iron Man Protection for a vast array of security services like onsite security guards, stationary security posts, patrolling services and expert security consulting. We employ armed and unarmed guards that possess only the highest level of skill and professionalism.

The hiring process at Iron Man Protection begins with a rigorous interview wherein; we ask thought provoking questions to gauge character and critical thought capabilities. From there, each applicant is put through an extensive background screening and drug test. Lastly, we assess their skill-set to ensure they meet the Iron Man Protection Standard. When it comes to your business, your event or the protection of your family, we’ll make sure your greatest assets are in the most capable hands.

Whether you are looking to develop a West University security plan from scratch, wanting to improve an already present security plan or simply want to know and understand the potential threats that surround your facility or residence, our incredibly knowledgeable security consultants can help. By way of an onsite assessment, Iron Man Protection security consultants can identify weak points in your security and suggest solutions to better protect against robbery, vandalism or other criminal activities.

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