Greenspoint Security Guards

The Greenspoint community once played host to serious criminal activity, earning this area the nickname ‘Gunspoint’. In the past decade, Greenspoint has completely turned around as a result of investments made to clean up apartment complexes and neighborhoods and the implementation of security measures like those offered by Iron Man Protection.

Our safeguarding begins with expert security consultants that employ over 25 years of consulting experience. They specialize in a multitude of facility types from residential neighborhoods and apartment complexes to businesses and financial institutions and will visit your Greenspoint neighborhood or business to conduct a thorough assessment of the present protective measures. Once an understanding of your current security is achieved, experts can better develop a plan to solidify weak points and implement top-notch protection.

Greenpoint security services include 24-hour availability of on-site security, stationary guard posts, patrol service, parking lot security, visitor screening and armed or unarmed protection. Our guards are highly trained to safeguard your most valuable assets. Iron Man Protection’s hiring process includes a thorough interview followed by drug testing and background checking. Skill-set examinations and additional training ensures that our guards are of the highest caliber. Iron Man Protection’s security team is managed by over 40 years of Law Enforcement experience and military influence which inspires a tactical and intelligent approach to protecting your most valuable Greenspoint assets.

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