Houston area retail security services

Retail Security Guard

One of the greatest risks plaguing the retail industry is theft. Be it shoplifting, break-ins or muggings, these types of risks not only threaten customers and employees but the business’s bottom line. And with thieves and dishonest employees constantly learning new ways to swindle, the task of securing your retail operation is becoming more and more challenging. Iron Man Protection’s retail security guards help Houston store owners and managers increase sales by creating a safe environment that attracts consumers, keeps employees honest and wards off potential outside threats.

Our retail security guards will monitor your business via foot, bicycle, golf cart, segway or small truck to provide professional grade security services, including:

  • Customer service
  • Parking lot patrol
  • Crowd control
  • Loss prevention
  • Theft and vandalism protection
  • Customer or employee escort
  • Lost vehicle assistance
  • Alarm response
  • Theft suspect detainment

If you need help deciding what level of protection your store requires, Iron Man Protection has an expert team of retail security consultants who are specifically trained to identify risks that put your assets in danger. Through a customized approach that is unique to your business, Iron Man Protection will create a loss prevention program that not only sheds light on where losses are occurring but also distinguishes and dissuades future losses from taking place. Retail security guards are also customer-focused, making sure that the customer’s shopping experience is worthy of a return visit.

Parking Lot Security Guards

Parking lots can be one of the most targeted areas for criminal activity as they can often be poorly lit or designed with limited visibility. Iron Man Protection’s parking lot security guards will assert an obvious presence on your store’s premise to deter threats and ensure that customers are able to safely get to and from their vehicles.

Strip Center Security Guards

Strip centers create a setting where consumers are spending a larger portion of time traversing outside from one store to the next, often with their hands full and their minds thinking about anything but an attack. Strip center security guards know how to identify the warning signs of a potential threat and are well trained in protecting individuals in crowded settings.

Mall Security Guards

Shopping mall environments bring criminal activity inside and much closer to businesses and customers. Iron Man Protection mall security guards are trained to proactively patrol these types of settings, recognize potentially threatening activity and respond swiftly.

Grocery Store Security Guards

Shoplifting and internal theft can be a huge problem for grocery stores, putting a dent in inventories and hurting the store owner’s bottom line. That’s why owners and managers depend on our grocery store security guards. We will craft and employ a security plan that reduces theft and, by association, improves store revenue.

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