Houston area onsite security services

Onsite Security Services

Iron Man Protection onsite security guards have earned a reputation for being professional, experienced and above all else, dependable. When you choose dedicated on-site security guards for protection you’re adding value to your property. Iron Man Protection establishes an authoritative presence at your location that relays a clear statement to anyone thinking about plotting against it.

We’re watching you…

There are a number of approaches that can be taken to establish a defense plan for your site. Iron Man Protection security consultants specialize in an array of different industries and regulations. We’ll help you decide which combination of on-site security services to employ by surveying your current set-up and identifying potential threats.

Onsite security guards will patrol in uniform or civilian clothing, with or without arms and are skillful in traversing every environment from office buildings to construction sites. Foot, bike or vehicle patrolling or a combination of the three are our most basic offerings, but onsite security guards also provide:

• Stationary security posts
• Entrance and exit monitoring
• Access control
• Visitor screening & bag checks
• Escort services
• Emergency coordinating
• Equipment safeguarding
• Parking lot patrol
• Loss prevention
• Alarm response

Unlike some security guard companies, Iron Man Protection understands that defense not only applies to people and assets but the businesses brand, reputation and ultimately, bottom line. Our security guards will always display a professional and friendly demeanor, providing quality customer service with dependable security to ensure the longevity and success of your operation.

And because our onsite security guards work so closely with your business, we only employ those with the most outstanding combination of experience, skill and training. In addition, all of our onsite security guards are required to undertake continued education training to ensure that their skills stay sharp, their knowledge and understanding is up-to-date and your assets are being protected by the very best in the industry.

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