Midtown Security Guards

Midtown has much to offer businesses and residents looking to evade the suburbs to experience the diverse and urban nightlife culture of this unique neighborhood. In order to keep safe from late hour mischief and crime, Midtown shopping strips, businesses and residents depend on Iron Man Protection.

We offer a comprehensive suite of security offerings like post or patrol guards, on-site security, armed or unarmed guards, day or night monitoring and security consulting. Our experience comes from a rich background in Criminal Justice education, which lead to service in the United States Marine Corps and tenure with the Harris County Deputy’s Office and the Houston Police Department.

Iron Man Protection’s team is comprised of only the most skilled individuals. Through a scrupulous process, we interview every candidate and ask thought provoking questions to gauge their character and ability to critically think on their feet. From there, we test skills and conduct a thorough background check before bringing an applicant on to our team. Our Midtown guards will work closely with your property, people and assets. It is because of this that we demand complete trustworthiness and professionalism.

Through the expertise of our Midtown security consulting service, your business, residential neighborhood, commercial property, financial institution, retail shopping strip, event venue or religious establishment will benefit from an on-site inspection to identify areas of weakness within current security measures. From there, our experts will suggest improvements to ensure optimal security. Whether you want to know where your current protection stands or are looking to revamp the way you protect your assets, our exemplary management, guards and consultants will ensure your safety.

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