Tomball Security Guards

Tomball’s trademark is it’s strong sense of community. The city takes great pride in providing a safe, family friendly atmosphere for it’s residents and implemented security through companies like Iron Man Protection help to keep it that way.

From businesses and community complexes to religious establishments and residential neighborhoods, our expert team has a great deal of knowledge about many different industries. Our security consultants possess over 25 years of experience identifying and resolving security threats that are specific to each different kind of industry. If you aren’t sure what Tomball security measures you should implement or would like professional advice about how your current security means add up, schedule a consulting appointment. One of our Tomball consultants will visit your grounds and assess the area.

Because our job is to protect your most valuable assets, we take the development of our team extremely serious. Only the most experienced and professional guards are asked to be a part of Iron Man Protection. Each applicant is required to pass a background check and drug screening, as well.

From onsite security guards to stationary guard posts, random or scheduled patrolling and 24-hour dispatch, our team has you covered. Guards can perform Tomball security in uniform or civilian clothing and are licensed and certified to report for duty armed or unarmed.

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