Katy Security Guards

For unrivaled protection of businesses, construction sites, event venues, financial institutions and more, residents of Katy depend on the experts at Iron Man Protection. We boast an expert management team with backgrounds in law enforcement and the military, a consulting service with over 25 years of experience and the most skilled and professional security guards in the business.

We are extremely selective about our hiring process because we understand that superior security performance ultimately depends on the caliber of individuals we entrust with the responsibility. That’s why every one of our Katy security guards has passed an in-depth interview, background check, drug test and skill-set analysis. Unlike some security services, we take your protection a step further by offering a free risk assessment.

Whether you need onsite Katy security, on-call response, armed or unarmed guards that patrol or setup stationary guard posts, Iron Man Protection’s security consulting service will assess your facility and surrounding grounds to determine which security services are necessary to guarantee the protection of your greatest assets.

With over 40 years of security experience, we know the demands and pitfalls of a vast amount of different industries, which enables us to better work with your Katy neighborhood or business to not only protect against threats, but maintain a professional demeanor that families, employees and customers can trust.

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