League City Security Guards

Located on the Gulf, this area is best known for its affordable housing, family-friendly entertainment, shopping, fine dining and thriving business environment. This year, it was rated the 68th safest city in the nation. This rank was achieved through the superior implementation of business and neighborhood security though companies like Iron Man Protection.

We offer businesses patrol, stationary post and armed or unarmed guard services and more. Residents of League City trust our guards for 24-hour crime monitoring and on-call dispatch security. For residents and business owners who are unsure about how to defend against crime, we employ a professional security consulting service that applies over 25 years of consulting experience throughout a number of different industries to define your security needs.

In our experience, the presence of a League City security guard is often enough to deter crime. But in the event that a real threat strikes, Iron Man Protection’s guards are highly trained and equipped to handle any situation. Through an extensive hiring process, we demand that our guards think critically and act intelligently while in the field. Each member of our team must pass a background check, drug test and skill review before being entrusted with the protection of your assets.

Individuals with over 40 years of Law Enforcement and military experience manage this incredibly talented team of guards. Paired with a close connection to the local police and residents of League City can continue to achieve placement among the safest cities in the country.

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