Houston area security patrol services

Security Patrol Services

One of the great advantages to utilizing a security patrol service is the establishment of a security presence that is obvious to the public. The recognition of security on your grounds will work to protect your assets on two levels. First, it is often enough to deter trespassing, theft, vandalism or other criminal activities. Second, it provides peace of mind for clients, customers, tenants, employees or visitors.

Iron Man protection security patrol takes a customized approach to every clients security needs. Our patrollers will perform their duties in uniform or civilian clothing, with or without firearms. We are experienced in traversing every type of environment from construction sites to office buildings and we are available to do so on foot, bike, golf cart segway or by vehicle. Guards offer security patrol services:

• 24 hours a day
• After hours 
• Custom scheduled
• Dispatch

We expect the absolute best of our security patrol guards. That’s why we require continued training and 100% on-duty alertness. Security patrol guards are highly skilled at detecting and responding quickly to red flag activity, no matter the time of day or night. And unlike some security patrol companies, Iron Man Protection maintains a close relationship with Houston police to further provide a superior level of defense.

In addition to professional-grade patrol services, our guards work closely with property management to understand the goals of your industry and to ensure that a suitable level of customer services is maintained while security patrol services are performed.

Iron Man Protection security patrol serves a variety of industries, including:

• Commercial buildings and offices
• Residential neighborhoods and communities
• Retail businesses
• Industrial sites
• Financial institutions
• Special events 
• Religious establishments

Let it be known that your bottom line is protected by the best. Contact Iron Man Protection today.

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