Houston area armed patrol services

Armed Security Services

Iron Man Protection offers every level of defense, from basic security services to armed security guards that are specially trained, qualified and licensed to carry a firearm. Because there is no predicting when a serious threat could befall your community or business, we provide preventive measures like armed security to defend your most valuable assets.

Armed security is commonly requested for the protection of large sums of physical money, expensive art, jewelry or classified documents. In more severe cases, armed security guards become a must because of the nature of criminal activity plaguing a location. Violent crimes and large-scale robbery necessitates a more advanced level of defense.

Whether your industry is in need of on-site armed patrolling, special event security or the guarded transfer of valuable assets from one location to another, Iron Man Protection has you covered. Our armed security will provide superior protection in uniform or civilian clothing and are available for 24-hour monitoring, after hours watch, dispatch or scheduled patrolling.

Our application process for armed security guards is an extremely selective one. We begin with testing cognitive abilities by asking a series of scenario-based questions, the answers of which will tell us a great deal about the prior training and experience of the individual. Next, we conduct a full background check and examine skill-sets to make certain that only the most qualified applicants are invited to join our elite team of armed security guards.

While it’s rare, when situations call for lethal force, Iron Man Protection armed security guards will respond with the highest level of tact and accuracy. Unlike other armed security companies, we maintain a close relationship with Houston police to ensure that dangerous security threats are acted upon and resolved with absolute professionalism and law-abiding measures.

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