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7 Things to Know Before Hiring An Armed Security Guard Service

Posted by Dennis Walker

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1/6/14 10:57 AM

security-guard-service-houstonToday, people are more proactive then ever about protecting their most valuable assets from robbery, crime or vandalism through a number of different tactics.

Some security measures are implemented in-house and others require the help of Houston security guard services. But if your facility requires a heightened level of protection due to a rash of burglaries, vandalism or other threats, you may be considering armed security protection.

The decision can be difficult for some, especially in lieu of the many debates over firearms in today’s news. If you decide to proceed with hiring armed security protection, you’ll want to know that the guards are highly trained and professional, right? Which means that before you hire, it’s important to know the certification process so you can be absolutely certain that whomever you hire is legally allowed to perform their duties and will do so safely.

Here’s the skinny on armed security certification and training:

1. Preliminary Requirements

Before individuals can even be considered for a position as an armed security guard in Houston they must be 21 years of age or older, pass a drug test, possess United States citizenship and be found absent of any prior felonies.

2. Training

Armed security guards in Houston start by signing up and attending local security guard basic training classes to obtain the proper knowledge to protect without firearms. Texas schools offer an initial 8-hour training course that covers the history of the security profession, report writing and patrolling techniques.

3. Level II Licensing Exam

A multiple-choice exam must be passed in order to join Houston security guard services as an unarmed guard. The level II licensing exam acts as a prerequisite for becoming an armed security guard in Houston.  Before further training can be pursued, security guard students will need to submit a $33 licensing fee, a $25 FBI fingerprint fee and must also receive a passing grade on the exam from the state.

4. Experience

Once basic training and testing has been completed and Level II licensure is obtained, newly graduated guards should seek employment as an unarmed guard with a Houston security guard service. The best way to improve upon skills and learn additional skills is through real-life, professional experience.

5. Continued Armed Training Requirements

Once preliminary requirements, basic training and professional experience has been achieved, security guards can advance to the next stage of training for armed guarding. To become certified as an armed security guard in Houston, 30 hours of training that includes classroom and firearm instruction must be completed.

6. Level III Licensing Exam

Once again, a multiple-choice exam must be passed, as deemed by the state in order to complete armed certification. The final requirements include a $55 registration fee, the submittal of two fingerprint cards and a color photograph.

7. Continued Training

It is also required that armed security guards in Houston take re-qualification license classes every two years to ensure that knowledge and skills remain up-to-date and sharp.

Now that you understand the process for certification, the number one thing that you need to know before hiring armed security guards in Houston is that they have passed every phase of certification and possess a solid experience-base. Ask the Houston security guard service agency about their hiring process and make sure that they have vigilantly sought proof of certification for every armed security guard on staff.

When it’s a matter of life and death, you’ll only want the most experienced armed security guards working on behalf of your business, industrial site or residential neighborhood. Knowing the process will help you to determine that who you’re hiring is the best.

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