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6 Steps to Securing Residential Neighborhoods

Posted by Dennis Walker

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10/10/13 11:56 AM

residential-security-patrolNeighborhood safety is a major concern, not only for residents currently living in an area but for potential buyers looking to settle down and sellers wanting to showcase property value. Even the glimpse of existence from vandalism or crime will have buyers bolting in the other direction and residents fearful for their family’s well being. If you live in a neighborhood that has recently experienced an increase in crime or vandalism or you want to prevent such an increase from ever happening, there are things you can do to ramp up security. Here are 6 steps to get you started.

1. Create or Regenerate Neighborhood Watch  

Your neighbors are the closest protection you have. By instituting a neighborhood watch, you can pull together as a community to ward off risky behavior and protect one another from crimes like robbery, assault and vandalism. An alert and well-connected community is much more difficult to take advantage of and criminals know it. Meet regularly; talk about concerns and set goals for improving your community. There are a number of resources available to help point your neighborhood watch in the right direction. Try reaching out to your local onsite security service provider or police station for advice on where to acquire teaching and training for your neighborhood watch organization.

2. Shed Light on the Night

Darkness draws in crime and if your neighborhood is poorly lit, chances are it will look like an appealing place for thieves and criminals to prey upon. Onsite security service providers recommend scoping out the ill-lit areas of your neighborhood and installing lights to illuminate them. Often, landscape lighting is enough to ward off risky behavior. It is suggested that individuals have visibility at least 100 feet in all directions from their home to identify faces and colors associated with an attacker if ever confronted with such a scenario. Recommend that security lights be installed outside homes to scare away trespassers and request that streetlights be placed to shed additional light on streets and sidewalks.

3. Hire an Onsite Security Service on Patrol

Especially for neighborhoods that have experienced an increase in crime or vandalism, you and your neighborhood watch might want to consider hiring an onsite security service to regularly patrol and guard your families. Often, the presence of an onsite security service is enough to keep unwanted behavior far away. And by leaving your family’s safety to professionally trained individuals, you’re ensuring the utmost level of protection.

4. Discourage Trespassing

By making small changes to the environments surrounding your neighborhood, you and your neighborhood watch can make it more difficult for trespassers to traverse the area and easier for residents to watch out for one another. Encourage the installation of fencing and post signs that warn of an active neighborhood watch program. Discourage access of private property and report trespassing if noticed.

5. Be Active as a Community

Organize group events in the neighborhood that draw people together, encourage community pride and establish a networking-like vibe. Onsite security service providers recommend community interaction not only to develop a close-knit support system but also to better identify who lives in the neighborhood and who might be trespassing. Having a better understanding of those around you will make unusual activity stand out much more clearly.

6. Watch the Local News

By making yourself aware of the trends taking place around your neighborhood, you can better prepare for potential threats within your neighborhood. Try signing up for Google Alerts, a free service that monitors the news to provide users with relevant topics. Consult with local onsite security service providers to see what type of activity they’ve encountered recently and report any activity that you’ve noticed.

Criminal activity might seem like an unstoppable force when it befalls your neighborhood, but the truth is – there are a lot of things you and your neighbors can do to resolve and prevent break-ins, assaults and vandalism. Get with or reorganize the neighborhood watch program and start discussing security topics that could make a big difference like installing extra lights or encouraging proper signage to deter trespassing. Hiring an onsite security service is highly recommended, especially for neighborhoods already feeling the effects of criminal activity. Above all else, get to know your neighbors and work together to put a stop to crime.

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