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7 Safest Neighborhoods in the Greater Houston Area and Their Security Secrets

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10/29/13 12:42 PM


The world around us isn’t exactly as safe as it used to be. It seems that each time you turn on the news there’s another reported residential break-in, mugging or violent crime and for some of us, it’s hitting way too close to home. Some neighborhoods are fighting back and turning this crime trend around with security measures that are proving to be effective game changers. Here are the 7 safest neighborhoods in Houston and their security secrets.

1. Neighborhood Security in League City

Located on the Gulf, this area is best known for its affordable housing, family-friendly entertainment, shopping, fine dining and thriving business environment. This year, it was rated the 68th safest city in the nation.

Security secret: Excellent police patrolling. League City utilizes onsite security patrol to ensure that criminal activity is stopped before it has a chance to start. With the use of technology, police track crime trends and work to educate the residents of League City on how to protect themselves and their property.

2. Neighborhood Security in Pearland

Pearland is a diverse and rapidly growing neighborhood with award-winning schools. Located on the outskirts of the Houston metro area, it is considered to be the sixth safest neighborhood in Texas. It’s got a population of nearly 91,000 people and is less than an hour drive to the coast and Galveston, giving this neighborhood a desirable appeal.

Security secret: In addition to an active police force and residential vigilance, Pearland has also adopted a Houston residential security alert system. Pearland connects residents by way of a citizen alert system that residents can sign up for. This system communicates with thousands of businesses and residents within minutes of an emergency situation.

3. Neighborhood Security in Hunter’s Creek Village

Known for being one of the wealthiest neighborhoods, 11th in the country, 67% of this area’s residents boast an annual household income of over $150,000 – second to none in the state of Texas. The Hunter’s Creek Village area also implements one of the most sophisticated flood prevention systems in the city. Mostly CEOs, sports celebrities, wealthy business owners, renowned doctors and oil and gas industry leaders occupy the $3 to $3.5 million-dollar homes.

Security secret: Onsite security guards. The residents of Hunter’s Creek hire trusted onsite security patrol in Houston to keep their neighborhoods free of crime. In addition to security patrolling, there are gated communities for extra security, guarded by armed and unarmed security specialists nestled in the area. In November of 2011, they also added a $34 million flood prevention project designed to withstand a 17-year storm.

4. Neighborhood Security in Woodlands

Considered to be the number one city for young families, this neighborhood has an incredible school system and an influx of corporate campuses like Chevron Phillips and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. The population growth in this area continues to increase as families and professionals seek to work and live beneath the safe umbrella of this community.  

Security secret: A tight-knit community. For the neighborhoods of Woodlands, Houston residential security starts with the people. The town facilitates a large neighborhood watch program to keep each other safe. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s department also provides onsite security patrol. In addition, the community has developed a close bond between residents by hosting large community events so that neighbors can get to know one another.

5. Neighborhood Security in River Oaks

Wealthy oil tycoons mostly inhabit the neighborhoods of River Oaks, which is centrally located in Houston within the 610 Loop. The area was founded in the 1920s and is considered one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Texas. Famous for establishing the first shopping center in Houston, the area gives way to architecture, parks and historic attributes like the River Oaks Theatre.

Security secret: Onsite security patrol. Residents of River Oaks prefer to utilize the protection of onsite security guards who make regular rounds throughout the neighborhood. Gated communities and security cameras are also implemented here to ensure optimal protection.

6. Neighborhood Security in Sugar Land

Located 20 miles southwest of downtown Houston, this neighborhood has an estimated population of 84,500 and is ranked as the safest neighborhood in Houston.

Security secret: A strong police presence. Onsite security patrol in Houston towns like Sugar Land have helped to ward away criminal activity to keep areas safe. A close relationship between community members and police or security guard services is a key element to the safety rating for Sugar Land. The community also hosts public meetings and shares information on the city website to allow for a few different means of communicating concerns and addressing issues.

7. Neighborhood Security in MacGregor

Located inside the 610 Loop at the South portion of Central Houston, this area is rich with businesses and home to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Zoo. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Community College and Rice University is also located here.

Security secret: Well-patrolled streets. This area is a controversial location because it is bordered by notoriously bad neighborhoods like that of Greater Third Ward and areas surrounding the Houston Medical Center. But services like onsite security patrol in Houston have managed to make this area a safe haven among its crime-riddled surroundings. It has been ranked as the eighth best neighborhood in Houston.

The underlying theme with each of these safe Houston neighborhoods is simple to see. Residential security starts with a strong game plan that incorporates onsite security patrolling in Houston with a community that is committed to helping one another by maintaining a watchful eye and developing strong bonds between neighbors. Even in the most unlikely areas like MacGregor, neighborhoods are achieving superior safety for residents by implementing proper security means. If you live in a neighborhood with safety concerns, consider onsite security patrol in Houston as a possible solution. Often, the presence of authority is enough to ward off criminal activity.

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