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7 Safest Neighborhoods in the Greater Houston Area and Their Security Secrets

Posted by Dennis Walker

10/29/13 12:42 PM


The world around us isn’t exactly as safe as it used to be. It seems that each time you turn on the news there’s another reported residential break-in, mugging or violent crime and for some of us, it’s hitting way too close to home. Some neighborhoods are fighting back and turning this crime trend around with security measures that are proving to be effective game changers. Here are the 7 safest neighborhoods in Houston and their security secrets.

1. Neighborhood Security in League City

Located on the Gulf, this area is best known for its affordable housing, family-friendly entertainment, shopping, fine dining and thriving business environment. This year, it was rated the 68th safest city in the nation.


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6 Steps to Securing Residential Neighborhoods

Posted by Dennis Walker

10/10/13 11:56 AM

residential-security-patrolNeighborhood safety is a major concern, not only for residents currently living in an area but for potential buyers looking to settle down and sellers wanting to showcase property value. Even the glimpse of existence from vandalism or crime will have buyers bolting in the other direction and residents fearful for their family’s well being. If you live in a neighborhood that has recently experienced an increase in crime or vandalism or you want to prevent such an increase from ever happening, there are things you can do to ramp up security. Here are 6 steps to get you started.


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