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The Houston Residential Neighborhood Security Checklist

Posted by Dennis Walker

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12/16/13 1:55 PM

houston-onsite-securityWhether you’re kicking your residential security up a notch because of specific concerns in your area or you simply want to rest better at night, there are many things you can do to ward off threats.

Some security measures can be done by you to better protect your home and others are best left to the professionals but one thing is for certain – you don’t want to become the next target in a rash of home invasions or burglaries.

Here is a security checklist that Houston residents should follow to best defend their homes against burglaries and break-ins.   

√ Hire Onsite Security Guard Patrol

This checklist will cover a number of things you can do to prevent becoming a robbery statistic but perhaps the most important item on this checklist is to consider hiring onsite security patrol. Often, the presence of onsite security patrol is enough to deter attempted criminal activity. If it’s not, you’ll rest much easier knowing that professional security guards are monitoring your home and will respond within a moment’s notice to resolve threats.

 Utilize a Security Consultant

Many security companies in Houston, Texas will also offer a consulting service. Use this service to have your residential neighborhood assessed by professionals who best understand the types of threats that plague areas like yours. They can identify weaknesses in your security measures and work closely with you to strengthen your home’s defense.

√ Re-Establish Neighborhood Watch

Second to hiring onsite security patrol is resurrecting your neighborhood watch program. When neighbors are watching out for one another, it will be much harder for criminals to penetrate the community. Take shifts driving around the block at night to monitor for strange activity. Identify areas of the neighborhood that could look welcoming to burglar and work with local authorities to install security lights and neighborhood watch signs.  

√ Clearly Display Address  

In the event that you need to call the police or onsite security patrol, you’ll want them to be able to find your home fast. For this reason, be sure to clearly post your address in a well-lit and visible area on the exterior of your home. Onsite security patrol should be able to quickly distinguish which house is yours from street view during the day or night.

√ Invest In Quality Exterior Doors

Any door at your residence that allows for outside access should be made of quality material and should possess a deadbolt lock with at least a 1-inch throw in addition to a doorknob key lock. Make sure these doors stay locked when you are home alone, away from home or at night. Also, check to see if your exterior doors possess any glass windows  or openings within 40 inches of the door locks. If your door looks too difficult to break into, most burglars will leave in search of an easier heist.

√ Keep Your Home’s Exterior Well Lit

Security companies in Houston, Texas recommend that 40-watt lights be placed around the exterior of your home to properly illuminate entranceways and dark areas. Thieves and criminals are less drawn to environments that will give away their presence easily. They prefer poorly lit, dark homes and entryways so that they can use the darkness to their advantage. A well-lit exterior will also help police or onsite security patrol to better locate your home in the event of an emergency.

√ Check your Door Frames and Hinges

In addition to a sturdy door with proper locks, check to make sure your doorframes are snug and solid. They should not spread or be easily forced ajar. Furthermore, make sure that doors have been properly installed so that hinges are not accessible from the outside of your home.

√ Install a Peephole or Intercom Device

Security companies in Houston, Texas will tell you - never answer the door without knowing who is on the other side. If one doesn’t already exist, install some sort of small window or peephole that allows for a wide-angle view outside. Additionally, a voice intercom device will permit you to converse with anyone outside without opening the door, which immediately lets your guard down.

√ Ensure That All Windows Have Proper Locks

Just like with exterior doors, you’ll also want to make sure that all exterior windows and sliding glass doors close tightly and have working locks. You should not be able to lift a sliding glass door out of its track and a dowel or bar should be placed in the bottom track of the sliding door when locked for added security. Security companies in Houston, Texas also recommend clearing away any landscaping that might conceal doors and windows from neighbors or street view. The coverage could aid in allowing a trespasser to go unnoticed.

√ Secure Tools

If you store ladders or tools outside your home, be sure that they are always put away and safeguarded from outside access. You don’t want a robber to be able to use these tools against you or your neighbors.

√ Don’t Forget About Your Garage Door

It can be easy to accidentally leave your garage door open when you are away or in for the night. Always double check to make sure it has been properly closed. If your garage door is electric, ensure that the door has reached the floor and has closed completely before pulling away in your car. With radar safety beam features, any number of things could prevent your garage door from closing all the way. If on vacation, onsite security patrol suggests that you unplug the motor to your garage door for added protection.

While this list is just the start to developing a safer place for you, your assets and your loved ones, it is important to recognize that with the help of onsite security patrol services and a little extra awareness from you, break-ins and robberies are far less likely. There are no guarantees in life but there is such a thing as probability. Pull the odds in your favor by applying these security tips to your Houston residence and surrounding neighborhood. Get A Free Risk Assesment

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